About Us

Marlon Gaines is a master barber who has been in the barber field for over 25 years. Marlon is notoriously known for his impressive cuts that exemplify his distinct attention to detail to help his clients achieve their desired look. Marlon started his career as a barber at 24 years old and has enjoyed his crafts.

In Januray of 2001, Marlon Gaines opened his first barbershop, “Cuttinup Barbershop,” located in downtown Mobile, Alabama. Through much hard work, dedication, and support from his clients, he was able to open and purchase a property vs' rent the property in the summer of 2009. The new location for the home of, " Cuttinup Barber Shop" was a successfully operation with a team of barbers who work closely together to bring the best male grooming services to those in the city of Mobile, Alabama, and the surrounding areas.

Due to the many years he has spent perfecting his craft, Marlon is able to produce unique styles as his skillset is second to none, guaranteeing total satisfaction every time. Marlon’s commitment to be one of the best barbers is the driving force behind his dedication to growing his brand. As a certified Hair Loss Specialist, he is one of the first barbers to offer custom hair units for men—a service that allows men who are thinning or balding due to alopecia be able to regain their confidence by having hair. Marlon is also launching his own brand for hair replacement. “Ultimate Essentials,” teaching classes and offering training to other barbers who are interested in growing their businesses, and he is the proud founder of "The Cuttinup Barbershop", Foundation which launched in 2014. Growing up with a solid Christian background, Marlon inspires others by reminding others that they succeed at anything they put their minds to.