Tips on How to Choose the Best Natural Human Hair Wigs

Are you interested in buying a wig but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices out there? So, finding the best hair wigs for you might be difficult, but if you find the right one, it will suit you best. One needs to know what to look out for when searching for a wig. 

Keep reading the guide and choose the right wig for you. Here we will break down everything you need to know about wig shopping and get the best wig for you. 

1: Opt for natural wigs for you

However, if you want to ensure that your wig gives off the illusion of your real, natural hair, then a human hair wig will be best for you. Unlike synthetic hair, these wigs move, swing, and bounce, and it gives your hair the movement of natural hair. One can also style their hair with great results whether curl, straighten, or blow-dry. 

There are different types of hair wigs you can choose from, but you need to look for the fine texture. While picking your human hair wig will come down to your personal preference and how you style your hair, as well as your budget. 

2: Consider your facial shape

You need to make sure that you get a wig that will best complement your facial shape. While getting a wig that works with your face shape, hair will lay in a way that looks natural and less like you are wearing a wig. In order to determine your face shape, one needs to examine their face in the mirror first and follow this guide.

i: Diamond Shaped Face

If you have broad and high cheekbones but a narrow forehead and pointed chin, it means you have a diamond-shaped face. This face shape is versatile when it comes to picking a complimentary wig. So, to add width to a narrow forehead, you need to consider a wig having a volume in this area. 

Diamond Shaped Face


Shoulder length styles or styles that you find easy to tuck behind the ears are a great way to style close to the head and frame the face. So, finish this look off by choosing stylish wigs for women or men and add volume to your hair. 

ii: Round Face Shape

Those who have a round-shaped face will have softly rounded cheekbones. And this face structure is likely widest across the cheeks with a shorter length from the hairline. While having this face structure, you will have to choose a wig that creates length and balance. 

So, if you are hoping for a long-length wig, you should go for the one with layers and an off-centre part. Short hairstyles can be achieved through wigs with more volume at the top. These hairstyles will help your hair counterbalance. 

iii: Oval-Shaped Face

This uniformed and proportioned face structure is the easiest to pair wigs with. Also, any wig style will work for oval facial structure, so it’s up to your personal preference and style.

iv: Pear-Shaped Face

This facial shape has a wide rounded chin and narrow forehead. In order to get the most complimentary style, you will want a look for wigs that will help to take focus away from the chin. 

Due to this, short styles tend to be best for a pear-shaped face. However, short-cropped styles are a great option for this facial structure. Also, the short styles with volume frame the rest of the face work.

v: Oblong Shaped face

So, this shape is characterized by a long and straight face with square jaws and hairlines. If you want to complement this shape, then you need to look for the best online wig store and create added width to the face. A jaw or shoulder-length style will also work best to accomplish this look. 

Oblong Shaped face

However, if you want a longer style, you need to make sure there are feathery layers around the face. Besides, lots of layers, curls, and waves are a great way to accent this face type. 

vi: Square-shaped Face

If you have a short face, a strong jaw, and a square chin, you will likely fall into this beautiful face shape category. Also, you will pick up styles that help in elongating your face and giving it a proper shape and proportion. Sometimes layers and volume also work best with this type of facial structure. 

vii: Lace Font

When choosing a full lace front wig, it will help you give a natural appearance. Although, if you are looking for flexibility, then a full lace wig will be the best option.  

And this option gives you the freedom to look more beautiful and have dense hair. These types of wigs are affordable and tend to be less breathable. So, wherever you go for wig shopping, try the different wig styles and see which one works best. 

Wrapping Up: When buying a wig, one needs to make sure and keep the above tips in mind. It would help if you remembered that human hair wigs are best and the rest is up to you and your decision. Remember that you choose wigs that complement your facial structure and allow you to prefer the best style.