Long Wigs for Women - Best Option to Transform your Looks

Life is short for celebrating, but your hair doesn't have to be short.

Wigs are not limited to the boundaries of the hair fall problem; now, it's a part of a much larger industry. This blog will see how it can be a problem solver and a fashion statement for you.

Long Hair Is A Jewel

Having long, strong, healthy hair is almost like a jewel to a woman. Every woman loves to flaunt her long hair and try the best appearance.

Having long hair can make you look more confident and mesmerizing. It feels amazing to flaunt long hair on the street or wobble the hairs in the wind. Long hair is truly a blessing. 

Ask someone who tried hair extension how it feels to be having appealing long hair; it feels like having a treasure.

Why Hair Fall Is Rising

It's the era where everyone has a very stringent schedule everybody. Busy with multiple pieces of stuff and stress. These are some of the reasons for hair fall: 

  • It can happen because of your family history(heredity).
  • Another reason can be due to hormonal transpose/imbalance or medical complaints.
  • Too much stress about work or personal life.
  • Lack of sleep.

Wig Is Always A Wonderful Thing To Flaunt Beauty

A wig is nothing new in trend; it has a history of 3 centuries. The wig has been transforming the beauty of men and women for centuries. 

Now, this century brought a tremendous change in the wig industry. Now you can explore different wigs based on your skin tone and color preferences. 

Hair Style Units have a wide range of wigs to make you feel beautiful, adorable, and more confident than ever.

Long Hair Wigs Will Put Positive Effect

Definitely yes! Long hair always looks more adorable than anything. So if you want to be an instant Rapunzel, here we are to fulfill your demand. However, we are not trying to make a statement that only long hairs are beautiful; at some point, having long hair is always a bonus point for anyone. 

Long Hair Wigs Will Put Positive Effect

You can get maximum marks in terms of beauty with a few of our products:

Straight Headband Wig

The headband wig is the fastest one to make you party-ready. Our straight headband wig is with 100% of human hair without any faults. 

The wig is the easiest one to use; all you have to do is slither through your head. It's the easiest and faster one to wear because it doesn't require any clips to hold; adjust your headband accordingly. 

Hair Style Units "straight headband wig" comes up with

  • Hair Density- 150%

Hair density will help you to give more like a feel of natural hair.

  • Hair Grade- 8A

The 8A grade hair lies under the best category searching for virgin hair. It helps you give a more natural look and good quality of hair.

  • Natural Hair- 100%

Our products provide the best quality of human hair, and there is 0% usage of any harmful chemical or unfair material in place of natural hair. 

Straight Closure Wig

  • Closure wigs are the ones that can be a wonderful partner for your daily life use. And perfect straight hair will be your cheery on the cake. This hair type is way more appealing than the curly or shot one. You can be a part of the spotlight with this type of closure wig
  • The wig contains 100% natural human hair and 0% chemical usage.
  • Closure construction of the hairs will help your personality give a charming look and its way more natural.
  • Hair color is "Natural 1B". Usually, a natural human being's hair has the same hair color.
  • Hair density is 8A which will help to give your personality a more natural look.
Straight Closure Wig

Front Lace Blonde Body Wave Wig

The blonde body wave wig will help you to give a confident look. Blonde hair wigs are always high in demand. 

  • It contains 100% natural human hair.
  • Have the perfect hairline to provide a more natural look.
  • Made perfectly with light lace.
  • Given a shape of body wave, which is the most common one amongst all human beings.
  • Available in size from 10 to 26 inches. 
  • Available with the option of medium to 22.5 in circumference.

Highlight Blonde Human Hair Wig

Using Brazilian Remy hair will give a different look from others. If you want to look apart from the crowd, this is something you can go for it. The long length helps give a confident look and a bold statement of your personality.

  • It holds Brazillian human hair.
  • The lace color is medium brown to match its perfect skin tone.
  • Capsize is available in three different sizes-small, large and average.  

We also provide hair wig accessories for better care of your wigs.

1. Extra hold lace frontal glue includes xanthan gum, glycerin, aqua, acrylate copolymer, nonylphenol ethoxylate (CI 77891 for active). 

2. Silk Hair Bonnets are light in weight and provide complete protection to your hair from any breakage. These bonnets are with soft silk cloth for maximum comfort. 

3. Vietnamese Silky Straight Hair is smooth and affordable and contains the ability to color at your convenience.

You can check out the website for more adorable products. Hair Style Units have provided services for the last 25 years and assisted stars. Get great deals on wigs and accessories & feel proud of your choice. You are beautiful the way you are; you can choose the best for yourself.

Don't hesitate to shop, go for it.