Human or Synthetic - Choose Your Hair Wig

Wigs are an artifact to enhance looks. It is one of many reasons why women love wigs. But selecting the right wig for you isn't that easy. 

You have to take care of the cuts, styles, wig caps, and one of the most important things, the type of hair. 

If you classify the wigs, you can find some distinctions. But the two most popular ones are humans and synthetic hair wigs. So what should you choose for a human hair wig or synthetic hair wig? Ladies, don't worry if this question comes into your mind when you buy a hair wig for yourself. It's not only you.

Shopping for affordable hair wigs is not like buying groceries. After all, you are funding your hard-earned money in a wig. You have to do good research before buying a wig. So, let us help you with that.

How you choose a wig can depend on different factors. Here are some of the major differences and qualities of both synthetic and human hair wigs-

Texture & Styling

The texture of a synthetic wig depends solely on how you style it. 

Some synthetic wigs have wavy patterns to give you a deep wave hair style, some are straight, and some are kinky curly. 

The texture of the synthetic wigs is already determined by the time you purchase them. And it will stay the same way until your wig and you part ways. 

But, synthetic wigs have a major benefit with their texture, as your wig will always look the same. No matter what weather it is like, no matter what you are wearing, it will always look the same on you.

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But, it can be boring also. Of course, no one wants to look the same every day. 

So, human hair wigs are here to provide you with that freedom. Human hair wigs are made from human hairs, so you can texture them as you want, whether curly or straight or kinky wavy. It's totally up to you. 

Take your hair styling appliances, think about the hairstyles you want, and you are good to go. However, here is one thing about human hair: if you purchase a wig with naturally straight hair, you can style it as you want, but you can't change its natural texture. Straight hair will stay straight, and curly hair will stay curly.  

Natural hair always looks more appealing than synthetic hair and can be styled as you want. 


Human hair wigs are not pre-colored. As mentioned before, human hair wigs are made of 100% natural human hair, so wigs will have natural color, whether blond or black. And one of the major benefits of purchasing a human hair wig is that you don't have to care about the color fading. 

On the other hand, every synthetic wig is pre-styled and colored. The brand usually decides the color using a different type of color scheme. That's why synthetic wigs are best for those who don't want to color their natural hair but are fond of coloring. 

You are free to choose the color for your synthetic wig. However, the colors of the synthetic wig will start to fade away after some washes. But if you can ignore the fading part, you can style synthetic wigs in various ways and colors. So, play around with them. 

Lifespan Of The Wig And Maintenance

Human hair wigs can last for years, but you have to maintain them properly. 

Human hair requires oils and vitamins to stay healthy, but they don't receive these essentials when cut for a wig. And heat can damage human hair, so if you style your wig regularly, it will affect the lifespan of your wig. Also, the weather conditions affect human hair. Too warm, too cold, and even rainy seasons can affect human hair. So, ensure you take care of your wig properly. 

Do not overheat your human hair wig, do not overwash, and only use quality products to wash the wig. You can also trim and dry the brittle hairs from time to time. 

Synthetic wigs can only last for four to eight months if you take care of them properly. They do need to wash and heat-resistant creams to increase their lifespan. Also, if washed frequently, their colors will be faded.

But as compared to human hair, synthetic wigs need less care and maintenance. 

However, after some time, synthetic wigs start to lose their look and shine, but if you take care of natural hair wigs properly, they will stay healthy and shiny for a much longer time. 

Price and overall cost

The overall cost of human hair wigs can be a little higher than synthetic wigs. However, human hair wigs can be affordable depending on the type of human hair. Remy hair wigs have the highest price because these wigs are made of 100% natural hair. And these hairs need good maintenance, so the overall cost can also vary. But one thing is for sure human hair wigs are worth the price. 

When it comes to synthetic wigs, you can find them for less than a few hundred dollars. But these wigs do not last for more than four to eight months and require much more maintenance than human hair wigs. 

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Another cost that can be added to both wig types is wig accessories. Wig accessories can vary depending on the type of the wig, such as hair wig glue. Different human hair and synthetic wigs have different weights, so appropriate hair glue is needed. Suitable wig glue holds your wig properly. You have to spend some money on the wig accessories too. 

Where Can You Buy a Human Hair Wig?

You can buy 100% natural hair wigs and accessories from Hair Style Units. You can look for the different hairstyle wigs wavy to straight with full quality. So, shop for your wig now and design your favorite look.