How to Properly Store Your Hair Wig

Do you know which low-cost tools and methods for wig storage are best for you? It needs to be properly maintained and cared for in terms of shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, air drying, and most importantly proper storage.

  1. Mannequin Wig

When not in use, hair wigs are commonly stored or displayed in mannequin wigs. Wig heads are designed to be similar to your head, so they are ideal for keeping your wig's shape and design. It's also fun to see your collection up close.Mannequin heads are a great option for wig storage if you have

Mannequin Wig/Stand:


  1. Wig Stand

    A wig stand, like a mannequin head, is an excellent storage option that does not take up as much space as a mannequin head. It is perfect for both short-term and long-term wig storage and will help keep style between uses. For longer wigs that might crease when stored in a box, wig stands and heads are also helpful.

    Wig Stand here: 


3. Wig Bags in Silk or Satin

    Wig storage bags made of silk or satin are ideal for keeping your wig's fibers undamaged and safe from the elements in your home that can cause it to frizz or tangle. Furthermore, when your wig (especially a human hair lace frontal wig) is stored in a bag, it loses moisture and remains soft and smooth. Many hair wigs are now sold with satin bags to avoid long-term tangles. Wigs with short hair should be folded in half and completely for storage. If long hair wigs are folded in half and inside out, the longer fibers should wrap around your head.

    Wig Silk Bag/Bonnet:


    1. An original packaging box or a storage box

      This may seem odd given all of our recommendations, but there is no reason why you can't keep your human hair wigs in the box they come in for a long time if done correctly. If you threw that box away, any clear or round felt box would suffice. Just make sure to store the wig flat in the box to prevent creasing and to keep it cool and dry.

      We hope our tips above will help you in properly storing your hair wigs in order to maintain their quality. More tips can be found on our site, Hair Style Units, as well as our hair wigs and lip gloss products.